italian pop singer and actor,
born in Frankfurt am Main.
Singing and acting education
at the Scream Factory (Institute Of Performing Arts)
in Frankfurt am Main.

As an actor in the role of godfather Don Ciccio,
was Gino Alessi, part of the 2017 Tour "È tutto un recito"
Italian actor and comedian
Biagio Izzo. Don Ciccio was brought to life by Gino.
Gino has not only created the mafia boss "Don Ciccio"

but also the funny priest "Don Naiolo"
and the crazy "Mister sorriso".


On the Maffay / Ramazzotti Tour,
performed Peter Maffay & Gino Alessi,
in front of over 40,000 spectators, the song

"Tiefer" / "Profondo"
as German-Italian duet, in the Ludwigshafener stadium.
For the duet, Gino wrote the text to it.
On the tour were:
Peter Maffay, Eros Ramazzotti, Jule Neigel,
Marco Masini, Elisa, Lokua Kanza.


Once again on the Maffay Tour, in the Frankfurt Festhalle:
Maffay & Gino, sing the duet, Ice Age "Ice Age"
in front of over 15,000 spectators.

Gino is a composer and writer for Italian songs.
Some songs by Peter Maffay
he has texted in Italian and rearranged.


 Tiefer / Profondo

 Ich wollte nie erwachsen sein /

  Io non volevo crescere   

 Weil es dich gibt / Perchè ci sei


Of course, cooperation with
Alberto Mompellio mentioned the numerous songs for
Gino Alessi has arranged.
Alberto has given Gino a big couch, all his professional experience.

But it's also a very good friendship,
which has existed for many years now.

Alberto Mompellio:
Arranger, composer and film musician.
Pianist and keyboard player in the studio with
Toto Cutugno, Patty Pravo, Nena,
Enzo Jannacci, Mina, Gino Paoli, Franco Battiato,
On tour with Milva, Patty Pravo,

Fabrizio de André
and many others ....................................


The Italian pop singer and actor,
was also singer of the gala quintet
"Four Seasons of Singing Romance"

In his life, he has a passion for piano and guitar.

Since 2013 cooperation with the label
SubLabel: Highland Dreams Records
with music producer Mike van Summeren.


2013 also the collaboration with composer and arranger Volker Wiedling.

2013 participation:
"Italian Voice Festival abroad"
at the Stadtsaal in Frechen, near Cologne.
With the song: Perdere l`amore


Gino, was judged by the jury: Rossella Ruini, Serena Caporale,
Claudia Arvati and the producer Marco Rinalduzzi, who worked together with the most famous singer in Italy, as: professional, a strength of nature, sympathetic, as a singer who has the passion and love for the music.

The jury said to Gino, he sang a classic that is very hard to sing! he sang the song very well.
And the personal compliments of producer
Marco Rinalduzzi.


• With the songs "Io non volevo crescere" and "Profondo"

   He has inspired many Maffay fans and won for himself.


• With his remix "Il mio canto libero"
    he is like one in Germany on Italian nights
    Bomb hit, he filled the dancefloors with it
    and his fans all sang "Il mio canto libero".


• In the top 20 of Radio Villakunterbunt in 2nd place
    with his single "Quel posto sul divano"
    in a romantic duet with the singer ACARINA

    from Austria.


• In the web radio Music Charts Top 100
   in 8th place with his single "Mio padre nel cuore"


After a few productions,
is now up to date in spring 2018

his new album, Gino Alessi "DIMENTICA" has been released.



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